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After a successful KickStarter campaign Charmed Labs have now released the PIXY camera - this is version 5 (CMUCam5) of their successful CMUCam range. The Pixy though is much more that a mere camera, it is a fast, easy to use Vision Sensor which can quickly be "taught" to find and identify objects, and it connects directly to Arduino and other micro controllers via UART serial, SPI, iic, digitial output or analog output.

The above video shows all the features available within the Pixy, the main features being:

  • - Pixy can remember and idenify 7 colour signatures,
  • - Pixy can track 100's of objects simultaneously,
  • - Pixy operates at 50 frames per second (i.e. it's FAST),
  • - Pixy interfaces to a PC via USB and the PixyMon Application,
  • - Pixy software and firmware is Open Source and GPL licensed.
Pixy Camera - $97.00 ex. GST
Pixy Camera Pan/Tilt - $45.00 ex. GST


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