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Why Buy from Us ....

The answers are pretty simple:

  • we design and build our own products - so we know our products and their capabilities from experience.
  • we were the first company outside Korea & Japan to offer products from Megarobotics (now RoboBuilder), Robotis and Yujin - we have been doing this since Apr 2004.
  • we provide great customer support,
    • ALL our technical staff are degree qualified engineers OR engineering students in the final years of their degree.
    • we endeavour to answer all technical requests within 1 working day and if we don't know we do all we can to find out.
    • we get many technical requests from non-Tribotix customers - but we can only answer questions from our customers, so if you want quick helpful support please buy from us.
  • we have a proven track record, having provided our products to many educational institutions and hobbyists world wide over the past 4 years.
  • we provide great customer service, this is evident by the number of return customers we have. If you buy from Tribotix we will do all we can to help you with your projects.
  • text describing the products we offer, which we created, now 'appears' on numerous web sites, maybe this tool was used?

Hopefully this has convinced you to give us a try ....
you won't be disappointed.

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