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Tribotix Products ....

Tribotix are now offering 2 NEW products -the first is a great robot Hykim - the 21DOF Robot Bear, whilst the second is the processing system used by Hykim sold as an independent module - we'll call this HyInt, short for Hykim's Intelligence.

Collage of Hykim .... the 21DOF Robot Bear

For more information please see Hykim info.

HyInt is group of pcbs that were developed to provide a powerful microprocessor system for robots with a small current draw.

The basis of our HyInt is Compulab's CM-iGLX Computer-on-Module - this mcu board is based around AMD's Geode mcu, an x86 based architecture which can run Linux, Win CE or Win XP.

HyInt also includes an interface to both AX & RX Dynamixel modules (at full 1Mbps), USB (Web Cam, Memory Stick), mini-PCI WiFi for wireless communications and battery monitoring circuitry.

For more information please see HyInt board info.

HyInt mounted in a
modified CycloidII
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