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Hykim - Robot Bear

Hykim's Body Data Acquisition Module (BDAQ) is shown in the image below, and mounts directly on top of the HyInt module - as shown in the image towards the bottom of this page. Having Hykim's sensors acquired by a localised mcu has two main advantages, sensor data can be pre-processed before being sent serially to HyInt and the wiring is kept to a minimum thus minimising noise that maybe induced into the sensors cable.

The BDAQ module acquires the following data:

  • Tilt-Compensated Compass;
  • 2-axis Gyro;
  • HyInt operating variables:
    1. Battery Voltage, and
    2. Current Draw
  • 3-axis Accelerometer; and
  • 2 x Infrared Distance Sensors.

The BDAQ is based around the ATMega128 - this has two main advantages. Firstly, the development tools are available as freeware from Atmel. Secondly, the ATMega128 can be programmed either by an AVRISP or a serial bootloader.

With the configuration available in HyKim it is possible to:

  1. generate an executable on a PC,
  2. transfer the executable wirelessly to the CM-iGLX, then
  3. transfer the executable to UART1 via CM-iGLX's COM2 port

The BDAQ can be programmed in either of these ways.

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