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Hykim - Robot Bear

The HyInt module requires more than a single page to discuss it's features, and as this is a standalone product it has it's own info section which can be seen here .... BUT here is a brief summary of the system that can be used in any robotic project where a powerful processor with minimal current draw is required.

HyInt is based around Compulab's CM-iGLX computer module. The main features of this CM are:

  • AMD Geode LXMCU 500MHz x86 architecture:
    • Geode LXMCU contains a Floating Point Unit (FPU) allowing 990MIPS plus 270Mflops for 3~5W of power consumption
    • no need for cross compilation when using Linux
  • 256Mb DDR SRAM
  • 512Mb FLASH Disk

The HyInt module has the following ports available to the user:

  • WiFi (802.11g),
  • 100Mbps Ethernet,
  • VGA,
  • Audio,
  • Dynamixel connectors (1Mbps),
  • Host USB port (Web Cam), and
  • Serial port


HyInt also has a number of Operating System options, these are:

  • provided by Compulab:
    1. eLinux ( Gentoo based),
    2. Win CE, and
    3. Win XP
  • provided by Tribotix:
    1. eLinux (Debian based)

For more information on the O/S images provided by Compulab please see their developers web site.

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