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HyInt - Robot Processing System

The heart of HyInt is Compulab's CM-iGLX computer module whic is shown below.

The CM-iGLX's features include:

  • AMD Geode LXMCU 500MHz x86 architecture:
    • no need for cross compilation when using Linux,
    • Geode LXMCU contains a Floating Point Unit (FPU) allowing 990MIPS plus 270Mflops for 3~5W of power consumption
  • 256Mb DDR SRAM
  • 512Mb FLASH Disk
  • Used interfaces:
    • 2 x COM ports
    • USB (host and slave)
    • 100Mbps Ethernet
    • VGA
    • Mini PCI-bus (WiFi, 802.11g)
  • Small Size: 68 x 58mm

Rather than reproduce all the information that Compulab make available for the CM-iGLX it is more efficient, and accurate, to direct the reader to Compulabs CM-iGLX web site. The main links of interest to the reader will be:

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