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PulsedLight ....

After a successful crowd funding campaign on Dragon Innovation PulsedLight have now released their revolutionary LIDAR-Lite distance sensor, capable of measuring distances of up to 40m at a worst case 2.5% error rate.

LIDAR-Lite v2 - $163 ex. GST

The LIDAR-Lite's technology targets the need for high performance, very compact optical distance measurement sensors for cost sensitive markets such as unmanned vehicles, robots, drones or any application that benefit from increased performance, decreased size, and lower power consumption.

Implemented as a single chip processing solution, PulsedLight's approach enables a new class of optical distance measurement sensors that exceed the performance of current solutions. PulsedLight's innovative signal processing technology can also be applied to applications ranging from single beam distance measurement to multi-pixel applications such as scanning or complex 3-D imaging.

PulsedLight have provided sample code and simple instructions demonstrating how the LIDAR-Lite can be connected to an Arduino using either the iic or PWM interfaces .... this information can be obtained from PulsedLight's GitHub.

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